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You can test the system here: https://phone.ivaka.net/demo


{{PHONE_NUMBER}} - Phone number in SHA256 hash. It must start with a Country code and Phone number without + sign and spaces. ✗ Invalid format - +359888123456 / 0888123456 / 888 123 456 and etc.. ✓ Correct format - 359888123456 (359 is your COUNRTY CODE and 888123456 is your PHONENUMBER) Example - a973a6f65f019f97657bfeec2d617eb94c42ede8bfd6f1a4a693fa2b52a4e368 is a SHA256 hash of phone number 359888123456

Make a SHA256 Hash

Online SHA256 Online tool Terminal
echo -n 359888123456 | sha256sum

Add phone

Example Request:
curl --request GET https://phone.ivaka.net/add/{{PHONE_NUMBER}}/{{API_KEY}}
Example Response:
   "success" => true,
   "message" => "Phone is added for validation!"
*Phone numbers will be stored for 10 minutes after adding them for validation. Once the time is up they will be deleted.

Check Phone

Example Request:
curl --request GET https://phone.ivaka.net/check/{{PHONE_NUMBER}}
Example Response:
   "success" => true,
   "phone" => {{PHONE_NUMBER}},
   "validated" => {{VALIDATED_STATUS}},
   "added" => {{ADDED_DATETIME}},
   "updated" => {{UPDATED_DATETIME}}

How to validate?

Make a call to one of numbers for validation. The system automatically will hang up you and it will validate your number, if it's added for validation. Active numbers: +359884543546 - (A1 Telekom Bulgaria)

System status

Example Request:
curl --request GET https://phone.ivaka.net/status
Example Response:
      "success": true,
      "active": 1,
      "number": {{SYS_PHONE_NUMBER}},
      "operator": {{SYS_OPERATOR_NAME}},
      "updated_at": {{SYS_UPDATED_DATETIME}}


Possible errors: - Phone is busy - Someone is trying to call at this moment. - Phone is out of range - The SIM module is not working or there is not network coverage. - Continue calling without closing/hang up - The SIM module is not working. It will restart soon.. - Hidden number - If the phone number from you make a call is hidden, the system cannot recognize it and it cannot be validated. You can check system status at System status
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